Rhythms for Life

Apologize First: Quarantine Rhythms

Episode Summary

The humility required to apologize restores relationships.

Episode Notes

How could apologizing make a difference in your home right now? Regardless of what home or quarantine looks like for you, we are all  experiencing new territory together. The routines that we had prior have come to a screeching halt. There is more time and more attention to give, and we believe that God is using this time to restore relationships. 

Maybe there is someone you were once close to and things fell apart. Could you give them a phone call and simply say "I'm sorry, will you forgive me?" Could we actually use this time to provide valuable life lessons for the young ears in our homes and demonstrate what it looks like to slow down enough to not gloss over conflicts? What better time than now to get to the root of some of the things we may have been struggling with for years. The best response when connection is broken is not to push away but rather the opposite, to pull in.