Rhythms for Life

Coronavirus: Action Over Fear with Dr. Josh Axe

Episode Summary

The key to fighting a pandemic is found in how you think, eat and overcome fear.

Episode Notes

With the spread of the Coronavirus and high transmission of the flu, you might be wondering, how is it possible to stay healthy and protect yourself and your family from these viruses.

It turns out it might not be so hard. With just a few simple lifestyle swaps, we can build our immune system up so that even if we DO come in contact with dangerous viruses, we’ll be able to quickly fight them off. Instead of reacting in fear, we can respond with action.

Dr. Josh Axe joins us back on the podcast for a special episode to give you the practical ways to build your immunity. Listen in for the foods you should be eating, the supplements you should be taking, and the habits you should be making to keep your immune system in tip-top shape. His number one tip? Trade fear and negativity for joy, gratitude and faith!

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