Rhythms for Life

Let's Go to Counseling: Bill and Laurie Lokey

Episode Summary

No matter where you've been and what you've been through, God can heal you and redeem your story.

Episode Notes

On this week's new episode of Rhythms for Life, Gabe and I had the privilege of having Bill and Laurie Lokey on the podcast! Bill and Laurie are our actual counselors, so it was special for us to put a microphone on our time with them so that you could listen in on the conversation.

The Lokeys understand pain, failure, and trauma because they have lived it themselves. After 23 years of working in trauma therapy and counseling, they know the power of sharing their own stories in vulnerable and real ways. Bill and Laurie remind us that our shame, regrets, and mistakes are not the end of our story. Gabe and I hope you feel encouraged by this episode!

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